Dedicated Desk

Work with privacy and organize your space as you wish. Without having to move your belongings and with all the security you need.

Our Services

Countless amenities to make you feel at the best workplace. Your productivity is important.
Take care of what really matters, we do the rest

1000 mts2

Distributed between meeting rooms, work spaces, common areas.

24/7 access

Your time, your business. work whenever you want.

Meetings Rooms

6 meeting rooms with different capacities going from 4 people to a conference of 200 people

Real Network

To grow you have to meet people. we take care of that.

Optical Fiber

Never worry about internet issues again. ours just flies.


every week a different event, in marketing, design, creativity, sales and many more

Your Image

representative image to close those customers in doubt. Look professional, give your corporate image the final touch that was missing

Locker and Cabinets

To keep your belongings and leave everything related to documents, laptops or anything else.

Work from wherever you want in 1000 square meters, access all services and participate in everything that spatium has for you. Coworking

Private desks for your use only, with file drawer located in a private area. Without moving your belongings. With all the security you need. Dedicated Desk

Square meters
Regional Client
Network Events
Latinamerica cities

If you waste your time you will lose profits.

Take control of what really matters and leave the rest to us


There are two memberships, Coworking and Dedicated Desk.
With the Coworking Membership you will have 24/7 access to our open work spaces and all the additional services included.
With the Dedicated Desk Membership you will have 24/7 a fixed desk inside a private office and all the additional services included.

You can start your membership in Spatium without having to pay registration or initial monthly payment for 30 days, being able to cancel your contract at any time.

If you want to continue with your membership, after 30 days the first charge will be made to your card, the registration fee is exempt.

If you notify your desire to disenroll within 30 days. No subsequent charges will be made.

Yes, a Tax Invoice will be issued each month billed for membership costs and taxes applied.

At Spatium we have more than 5 years of experience in growing businesses and ventures of all kinds, within our community, product and service ventures come to life in the areas of; Technology development, Professional Services, Coaches, Conference Speakers, Design, Programming, Marketing, Sales and much more.

Yes, it is an excellent opportunity to accelerate your growth.

Memberships are individual, being able to add up to one additional member with an extra payment.

It means that with a single fixed monthly payment you can access all our benefits.

Membership benefits are not transferable to third parties.

The dedicated desktop is located in a private office where you share with three other users. Only they have access to the office, so access is controlled by biometric fingerprint

Your own desk with your rules. Your way, your business

Get better organized and leave all your belongings in a safe place to work

In spatium you can also find...

Online Courses

a complete digital platform to set up your courses and sell them, and also to consume the learnings you need in different areas


Mentoring with experts

Learn what you didn’t know yet, or clear stones from the road with people who have been in the business world for years and can accelerate your journey


Use the spatium store to sell and offer your products and also get what you need. spatium sets the logistics and you put the product

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