Our Services

Comfort and security for your office

Making sure you have a safe place for your company and with all the comforts included for your staff.

Offices are all  equipped with ergonomic and high-quality furniture, security in all areas starting from the entrance to the tower.  Every office and meeting rooms have biometric access, a dedicated reception to attend your visits, complete network connection to link your remote ip and vpn,  comfortable environments in all areas, gastro bar with hot drinks and water included. And much more.

Your company can have as many desks as you want. There can be 30 desks or 100 seats, which will be distributed in offices with between 4 to 8 seats to guarantee comfort.

You can contract the services from 3 months onward. flexibility is one of the things that characterizes us, you can have contracts starting from 3 months or 6, 12, 24 months. Whatever you want and your company needs.

No, all the spaces are included, you just have to set a reservation with the time of your meeting and we will have the room ready for you.

Why Spatium?

Furnished Office


All-Inclusive pricing

24/7 protection

and monitoring personnel

Restricted acces

to Corporate Tower

Restricted acces

to Business Center

Biometric acces

to office


and monitoring system

Secure Filing Cabinet

Optical Fiber

Internet Connection

Backup System

in case of electrical Emergency

Private Server

Unlimited Access

Customize your office

furniture, layout and decorations

Access to food court

10 elevators

Personalized assistance

Meeting Rooms

600 square meters

of common areas

Unlimited coffe and water

Parking Lot

In this Corporate tower...

oficinas en santo domingo de citi bank

Citi Bank

oficinas en santo domingo de coca cola

Coca Cola

oficinas en santo domingo de philip morris

Philip Morris

oficinas en santo domingo de kpmg


oficinas en santo domingo de pernod ricard

Pernod Ricard

oficinas en santo domingo de cemex


Growing Business

We work alongside you for guaranteed safety and comfort.

Spaces dedicated to the safety and comfort of your company and activities. all the technology at your disposal right when you need it. Endless amenities for your enjoyment. Private offices and open spaces to increase creativity. Whatever you need, you can have it.

Remember we take your safety very seriously

All the cleaning and security protocols regarding the COVID pandemic are been followed to guarantee the tranquility of all.

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