Virtual Office

Gain presence and corporate image with just a tiny investment

Yes, calls received from your company’s personalized number can be redirected to a phone number that you choose regardless of where in the world. You will also be notified by email with the contact information.

Yes, depending on where the call is redirected to, local telephone rates apply.

No, you have access to the Business Center to make use of the meeting rooms for 2 hours a day.

Yes, you can indicate the message with which you want the call to be answered, for example “Good morning you have called example corporation how can we help you”

No, the local number that is assigned to your company works only to receive calls

No, there is a call center that takes calls from your assigned number and transfers the call or sends you an email with all the details of the call.

Yes, we can send all your documentation where you need them. Shipping rates apply

No, you only have the possibility of using a meeting room with prior reservation.

Get a physical presence in the city without having to be present.

With a virtual office, you have the possibility of having a physical office address, receiving correspondence, receiving calls on a local number in the city, and having a local presence without having to be present. And why not, when you are in the city have the option of meeting rooms for those business meetings

Corporate Presence

Private Number

A personalized and private local number for your company. So it can be located physically

Reception Correspondence

receipt of all documents of entities or activities that you carry out in the city and safeguarding them

Financial Center

Location in the financial center of the city to protect your corporate image and have high-level meetings when warranted

A safe and viable option for your
office in the region. Don't lose presence

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