Flexible Spaces

For flexible multinational teams

Unify your team

With Spatium business memberships you can give your flexible team a base of operations. If you have a telecommuting team or you don’t want to increase the fixed places in your office, then this is the best option for you. You can have for example 5 memberships and a population of 15 collaborators using those memberships, when they need it and when they want it.

Financial center

You will have that team in the best place in the city, in the financial center, and with the best image that your corporation needs. You will be sure that your team is receiving the best and that its base of operations is fully useful in the city

All amenities

Your team will be in a place with all the high quality services included. They will have the best North American standards for them. They can use multiple spaces such as Gastro Bar, Open Areas, Food Court, Different Rooms

Multiple Rooms

From meeting room to recording spaces. In Spatium your team will have rooms for conferences, trainings, workshops, multimedia rooms, YouTube rooms. And all the technology at your disposal.

salas multimedia para grabaciones en santo domingo

Extreme Security

You must know. You will be in the safest place in the city. Different embassies such as Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom make life here, which only choose this location due to the strict security process that we maintain. You will know when your collaborators enter and when they leave and what days they have used the spaces.


They will appreciate it. They will be happy to work in an excellent environment, and with the best luxuries of a corporation. Productivity will certainly increase, it is our experience.


Memberships are fixed monthly subscriptions that you can acquire on behalf of your company so that any of your collaborators can use it. With this you not only access a city, but also any of the Spatium headquarters in the more than 10 cities in the region.

How does it work?

Memberships are the property of your company and any of your collaborators will be able to use them. That is, if you have 3 memberships and you have 10 collaborators, among them they can go to spatium whenever they need it. For example Pablo, Pedro and Miguel will be able to go to Spatium today and tomorrow surely Maria, Juan and Sebastian will be the ones who need to go. Your 3 memberships will allow 3 of your collaborators (among the 10 registered) to be at the same time. If at any time there are more than 3 collaborators in a day, then you will have an additional one in your billing.

Membership types


3 memberships.
Perfect for work teams with flexible hours, sales force, brokers, among others.

USD 299/user


5 memberships.
Perfect for work teams with flexible hours, sales force, brokers, among others.

USD 249/user


10 memberships.
Perfect for work teams with flexible hours, sales force, brokers, among others.

USD 199/user

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